In 2017, I founded a collaborative design studio. Our studio is a place for folks of different backgrounds & experiences to come together and work on bigger, more meaningful initiatives than they could individually.

Want to join us?

If you like building things, want to make an impact, or simply want to have fun working projects with good people, drop us a line! So you can get a sense of what we do, a few of our currently open projects & areas of impact are below.

Space: Community

We believe there is incredible power in connecting people.



Have you ever noticed that it's easier to do things like

Have you ever undergone a shared extreme experience, such as a tough set of courses in school, learning a new skill with friends, or taking on a huge challenge at work? - Have you noticed that these experiences are where your richest memories & best friends come from?

Have you noticed that all successful companies are built by more than one person?

Then you've experienced the life-changing power of community and camaraderie.



Boris Taratutin