In 2017, I founded a collaborative design studio. Our studio is a place for folks of different backgrounds & experiences to come together and work on bigger, more meaningful initiatives than they could individually.

Want to join us?

If you like building things, want to make an impact, or simply want to have fun working projects with good people, drop us a line! So you can get a sense of what we do, a few of our currently open projects & areas of impact are below.

Meditation Light Machine

A light machine that has the ability to instantly put its users in a state of deep meditation. 


In 2013, I was lucky enough to meet the two British chaps behind Light Eye Mind, a creative art studio in England. 

They were touring the U.S. showing off this light machine they had built - a wacky, 20,000 lumen art installation - that could put its users in a state of deep relaxation within seconds. They had lines going out the door of all kinds of folks itching to try this thing - artists, scientists, technologists, and random folks like me. 

The experience was earth-shattering. In the age of distraction and "monkey mind", this machine had the ability to quiet all those zillions of bouncing around thoughts and give a rare gift in this digital age: quiet. 

The Light Machine in action - our inspiration.

We are re-creating this machine as an (a) art installation and (b) making it a available-at-home commercialproduct.

We think this can be a powerful tool in furthering the cause of mindfulness, stillness, and acceptance in our modern, busy society. 

Want to build one? Join us!

Who we Need

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Folks interested in futzing with music & light algorithms
  • People interested in meditation and mindfulness
  • People interested in making an art installation
  • People interested in spinning off a product
  • Others!